The NATUR-VIT company was founded in the spring 1993 in Kopernia near Pińczów city loacted in Świętokrzyskie province - it continues regional traditions of cultivation, collection, processing and sale of herbal raw materials.

Excellent location, large investments in plant expansion and modernization of the machine park resulted in the dynamic development of the company. Currently we have strong position on the raw material market with a wide range of services covering the processing and packaging of raw materials in accordance with the HACCP system guidelines.

We control and ensure the quality of the product at every stage, from the conditions of plant growing, through the quality of raw material and semi-product to finished product.

Laboratory analysis are carried out in the company's internal laboratory and in the accredited external laboratories like WESSLING and EUROFINS.

The owner of Natur-Vit company owns the herbal plantation with an area of approximately 350 ha, including 45 ha as organic plantation.

The farm includes peppermint plantations, the second largest in Europe and the only one in Poland linden plantation, plantations of cannabis sativa, rowan berries and fruits such as hawthorn, seabuckthorn or rosehip.

The company and plantations, both are located in Pińczów and Kije communities, in clean, unpolluted areas around the Nida Landscape Park. Clean air, no industry proximity, forests around and unique microclimate confirms the fact that the raw materials obtained by us do not contain chemical impurities such as heavy metals or pesticides.

For production, we use the highest quality raw materials, obtained from crops from our own plantations and from qualified suppliers.